Carrier Oils and Hydrosols for Formulation eClass (On-Demand)


An on-demand previously recorded class!

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What: A deep dive into carrier oils and hydrosols for product formulation.

Where: On-demand recorded eClass – link to class and materials provided via downloadable PDF after purchase.

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Carrier Oils and Hydrosols for Formulation eClass (Recorded)


In this online eClass you will learn:

A new and exciting class for aromatherapists and product formulators!

Do you wish you knew more about how to combine carrier oils and hydrosols for formulation more successfully and creatively? Do you crave new ideas and inspiration to expand your skincare product line? Are you stuck in a rut and need some new aromatic solutions? Join me for a fun and innovative class on hydrosols and carrier oils for product formulation!

The carrier oils and hydrosols for formulation eClass will teach you to look at different ways to use both hydrosols and carrier oils in your products. We will look at some of the more popular hydrosols and carrier oils for skincare use which will give you a solid foundation to build on.

Learn how to substitute hydrosols in the water phase of product making, and carrier oils in the oil phase of product making. Learn when carrier oils or hydrosols may be substituted in a formulation without the use of essential oils. Learn how to use these two important, but often overlooked, plant products on their own for a more sustainable aromatic practice or business.

Leave class with contemporary ideas, inspiration, and renewed energy to create better products that will take you to the top of your niche and give you a creative (and therapeutic) edge!

You will be provided with examples of recipes to incorporate these highlighted ingredients into your products, recommended dilution rates, and worksheets to easily formulate with these two specific ingredients.

All of our eClasses include a free PDF e-book of the class content, recipes, and worksheets!

As a NAHA Approved CE Provider, this zoom eClass counts as one CE credit, IF you complete the test (provided with the e-book) and return for marking after class!

This class is taught by NAHA certified professional aromatherapist® Sharon Falsetto who is also a garden herbalist and aromatic perfumer-in-training. Sharon has been writing, editing, and teaching about aromatherapy for over a decade.  She is the published author of Authentic Aromatherapy, published by the New York Publishing House, Skyhorse Publishing. Learn more about Sharon here.

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