Certificate in Holistic Aromatherapy


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Designed For: Beginners to Aromatherapy.

Method of Study: Online/Home Study.

Level: Meets NAHA Level 1 Aromatherapy Education Requirements; Completion of Module 9 is required at an additional cost.

Number of Hours: 50 (80 including assessment module).



The Certificate in Holistic Aromatherapy course is a both a beginner aromatherapy course and a course for those looking to seek level 1 certification as outlined by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA). It is  an extremely comprehensive course, covering all aspects of aromatherapy (including practical) for the safe and effective use of essential oils at home and for family use. It is a stand-alone course from the Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy which is more in-depth with college type essay-style assignments to complete.


The Certificate in Holistic Aromatherapy course is for:

  • budding family aromatherapists
  • aromatherapy dabblers
  • aromatherapy enthusiasts
  • those who wish to pursue a professional path in aromatherapy but are unsure of committing to a more extensive course at the moment
  • retirees
  • stay-at-home parents
  • budding homesteaders looking for a more “natural” way for health care
  • budding aromapreneurs wishing to start an aromatherapy product business
  • healthcare professionals who want to understand the basics of aromatherapy.


No prior experience is needed to take the Certificate in Holistic Aromatherapy course. The course is divided into eight modules with a total of thirty lessons. At the end of each lesson, there is a table or short answer question to complete. At the end of each module, there is a practical project to complete. As this is an introductory course, there are no essays or reading assignments to complete. However, it is required that you purchase Authentic Aromatherapy by Sharon Falsetto to complete some of the assignments. The aim of the Certificate in Holistic Aromatherapy course is to make learning fun – but to also obtain a comprehensive education in aromatherapy while doing so!

You can see the full content of the course below. As a special note, Module Eight (see below) is an introduction to business issues with regard to labeling, language, ethics, and scope of practice. This module sets you up for further study or gives you enough information to understand what to look out for when buying your own aromatherapy products, even if you don’t intend to sell your own products.

If you want to take the certificate to meet the requirements of NAHA Level 1 Certified Aromatherapist®, you will also need to complete Module Nine (available for purchase separately). This is an assessment module which requires the successful completion of five case studies (over a minimum period of three months), a five to ten page research paper on aromatherapy, and a multi-choice exam.

The course is fully supported with one-on-one tutoring and mentoring from experienced, UK-certified aromatherapist and published author and editor, Sharon Falsetto, access to a student-only Facebook group, and a bi-monthly student newsletter. Further support via phone or skype at an additional charge. Custom on-site tutoring for practical blending is available at additional cost and on case-by-case basis.

Please Note: You will need supplies to complete this course. The price quoted is for course tuition only. An aromatherapy kit which supports the course is available. You are advised to purchase this kit if you have no experience of aromatherapy and no aromatherapy supplies. If you prefer to purchase your own supplies, check out the kit content to find out what you need to complete the course.

If you intend to study to level 1 certification level, you will need to also complete the final assessment module for this course, Module 9, which is available for purchase separately.

If you are studying for your own use, and don’t require the level 1 certification, you just need to complete modules 1 to 8 (as listed below). Remember, if you want to receive a certificate of completion for this part of the course, you’ll need to complete all assignments and practical projects for module 1 to 8.

Certificate in Holistic Aromatherapy Module 1

Aromatic Plants in History – Aromatic Botany (Plant Anatomy, Plant Taxonomy, Photosynthesis, Aromatic Plant Families) – Aromatic Practical Blending Project

Certificate in Holistic Aromatherapy Module 2

Introduction to Essential Oils – Introduction to Carrier Oils – Introduction to Hydrosols – Production and Extraction – Quality Control – Sustainability – Aromatic Blending Project

Certificate in Holistic Aromatherapy Module 3

Essential Oils (25 commonly used profiles)  – Carrier Oils (10 commonly used profiles) – Hydrosols (5 commonly used profiles) – Aromatic Product Blending Project


Certificate in Holistic Aromatherapy Module 4

The Integumentary System – The Respiratory System – The Lymphatic System – The Immune System –  The Limbic System – Aromatic Blending Project

Certificate in Holistic Aromatherapy Module 5

Chemistry of Essential Oils – Physical and Emotional Interaction of Essential Oils – Methods of Application – Safe Use – Cautions for Use – Aromatic Blending Project

Certificate in Holistic Aromatherapy Module 6

Introduction to Aromatic Blending – Charts and Dilution Rates for Using Essential Oils Safely – Effective Aromatic Blending – Aromatic Blending Project

Certificate in Holistic Aromatherapy Module 7

Bases for Blends – Equipment Needs – How to Store Ingredients – Aromatic Blending Project

Certificate in Holistic Aromatherapy Module 8

Legal Basics – Aromatherapy Language – Using Consent Forms – Aromatic Blending Project

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