Georgie’s Secret Garden Subscription Club


Coming 2020..

Georgie’s Secret Garden is an online subscription club giving you access to behind-the-scenes of our aromatic garden, business, and classes. It is a virtual connection to our garden!


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Coming 2020…

Georgies’s Secret Garden subscription club is the premier Sedona Aromatics subscription club. Upgrade from our free Botanical Aromatherapy (TM) subscription to receive access to further benefits!

Georgies’s Secret Garden subscription club is designed for anyone interested in aromatherapy, aromatic plants, the garden, or simply a desire to manage their lives more holistically. It is an online product that can be accessed by anyone in the world who is subscribed to our paid club.

Talk a walk through the aromatic garden with us, watch a distillation, blend with us, research articles on plants from our database, get access to exclusive blend recipes, or take a mini course with us! Best of all, get discounts to our other products!

We will also be giving you the option of an annual wellness box of aromatic and garden goodies!

This product is probably not going live until early 2020, while we work on updating our current database of 500 + free articles in Reflections from Georgie’s Garden. In the meantime, enjoy the free benefits of our Botanical Aromatherapy(TM) subscription and be the first to know when our premier subscription club launches!


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