Plant-an-Aromatic-Herb Pot


Support Georgie’s Garden™ by “adopting” your very own herb pot for a year! The price includes the pot, potting soil, an aromatic herb (grown from seed), maintenance, and an information sheet on your chosen herb for one season.

A great gift for Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries for the aromatic aficionado in your life!

Available Planting Sessions: Spring and Autumn each year.


Plant-an-aromatic-herb Pot in Georgie’s Garden™ and watch our garden grow – literally! We will do the hard work for you, while you do all the learning. Plant-an-aromatic-herb Pot was borne from the idea of the ever growing number of pots in our garden which needed a purpose. Herbs are the ideal plant to grow in pots. And we wanted to share the journey and joy of growing a herb with you.

Plant-an-aromatic-herb Pot

By adopting a Plant-an-Aromatic-Herb Pot for a season, you’ll receive:

  • a plant pot of your own including potting soil and choice of herb to plant for one season (grown from seed)*
  • maintenance of your herb pot
  • an information sheet on your chosen herb**
  • join the Sedona Aromatics School and Garden Facebook group to receive updates on how your aromatic pot is doing!

*note that you don’t receive a physical pot mailed out to you. The pot is “adopted” and kept in the garden here at Sedona Aromatics.

**the information sheet will include a botanical profile of the herb, in addition to common uses, and/or recipes where appropriate. Please note that some herbs lend themselves more to common aromatic use than others.

Choose from the following herbs:

  • thyme (various varieties)*
  • basil (various varieties)*
  • melissa/lemon balm*
  • summer savory
  • German chamomile*
  • coriander
  • parsley
  • chives
  • sweet marjoram*
  • mint (various varieties)*
  • oregano*
  • tarragon.

Those herbs marked with * are commonly used in aromatherapy practice.

Available Planting Sessions: Spring and Autumn each year.

All Plant-an-Aromatic-Herb pots are processed as received and held over until the next planting session, in conjunction with zone 8 weather restrictions. This is usually either between March and April (Spring) or late October (Autumn) each year.

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