Sunflower Online eClass (On Demand) by Sharon Falsetto


An on-demand previously recorded class!

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What: A deep dive into Sunflowers

Where: On-demand recorded eClass – link to class and materials provided via downloadable PDF after purchase.

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Sunflower Online eClass (Recorded)


In this sunflower online eClass you will learn:

The sunflower is a long-revered plant with many benefits, both in the garden and in the aromatic apothecary. In this eClass you will look at how the sunflower has been used since ancient times, the different varieties of sunflowers grown in the garden, the use of sunflower in plant medicine, and its benefits for aromatherapy practice.

You will also get an exclusive look at the sunflower close-up in our garden, and learn how to make sunflower tea! Plus a really deep dive into sunflower carrier oil!

The eClass also includes more sunflower aromatic and herbal recipes that you can experiment with at home and a downloadable blending sheet.

Some surprises about sunflowers that you may not know:
Sunflowers are mathematically complex.
Some sunflowers are perennial.
A sunflower essential oil exists.
Sunflower is a permaculture worker in the garden.
Sunflower can be infused, tinctured, and used in a flower essence, in addition to being used as a carrier oil.
Everything that you have historically been told about infusing sunflower oil may not be correct.

Join me for an hour or so in the garden and the aromatic apothecary to discover this and more, including new ways of using this sunny, versatile flower in its various formats!

Video link and links to PDF files will be provided after purchase.

This is an ON-DEMAND recorded eClass to listen to whenever you want! The class is a recording of a past live class.

All of our eClasses include a free PDF e-book of the class content, recipes, and worksheets!

As a NAHA Approved CE Provider, this sunflower zoom eClass counts as one CE credit, IF you complete the test (provided with the e-book) and return for marking after class!

This class is taught by NAHA certified professional aromatherapist® Sharon Falsetto Chapman who is also a garden herbalist and aromatic perfumer-in-training. Sharon has been writing, editing, and teaching about aromatherapy for over a decade.  She is the published author of Authentic Aromatherapy, published by the New York Publishing House, Skyhorse Publishing. Learn more about Sharon here.

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