Wedding Aromatherapy Consultation


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Aromatic wedding favors made with authentic essential oils. Designed by an experienced aromatherapist, with a passion for scent blending.

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Designed For: The wedding aromatherapy consultation is designed for brides, or for those taking a Renewal of Vows, who require some initial guidance on formulating aromatic wedding favors. Sharon Falsetto has designed wedding favors for brides from 20 to 200 in number over the years.

A Personalized Wedding Aromatherapy Consultation for Wedding Favors

Over the years, I have found that brides love the idea of including aroma in their wedding but don’t know how to do it, both from a creative point of view and a safety point of view. This initial consultation allows me to brainstorm ideas with you and discuss what is, and what isn’t, possible! The best type of aromatic wedding favors take the form of a base oil with essential oils added in a blend. However, I am happy to discuss other ideas with you as well.

Includes: A wedding aromatherapy consultation consists of one hour of :

  • Conceptualization Process: One hour. Brainstorming via zoom to pin down your specific requirements for the blend/product. You will be given a final written summary (usually via email) of the outcome of the session, and you are free to use that information as you wish.
  • Creation Process: If you wish to proceed with the creation of your blends with us, we will then go ahead and give you a quote for doing this! Please note: Creating a custom aromatic wedding blend takes time and several rounds of samples. You are advised to allow a minimum of three months from this initial consultation through final creation of your product in order not to be disappointed.
  • Consultations must be scheduled and taken within 6 months of purchase, otherwise your consultation fee is forfeited.
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