Writing and Editing Support for INCI Product Listings


Writing and editing support from a professional writer and editor for help to list botanical-based products correctly with INCI names. For websites and labels (not design). US only.

Cost per hour: $45.

Minimum of one hour’s work required.


Writing and Editing Support for INCI Product Listings

Starting out in the cosmetic product, aromatherapy, or herbal business is hard enough. And then there’s the product listings on your website and labels with a slew of confusing names that need to conform to the International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient (INCI) standards. Many people are overwhelmed by it all and may not wish (or cannot afford) to take a full-length course to help.

Writing and Editing for INCI Labels

That’s where I come in! I have been helping small businesses and solopreneurs list their products on their website safely, correctly, and easily for the past decade. I have also brainstormed names for products and labeling with clients. I offer writing and editing support for INCI product listings to take the pressure off you and allow you to concentrate on the making of your product vs the listing of it!

As both a professional writer and editor in the aromatherapy industry, I am more than familiar with most product names and ingredients and can convey that in a language that might be a mystery to you, but acceptable to the business world!

I am also an Entrepreneur Member of the Indie Business Network with access to some of the best names in the industry if you need a little bit more support in a direction I cannot provide.

INCI Product Listings

Send me your problem list and I will convert it into INCI language and even suggest names for products, avoiding problem language that may get you into trouble!

If you want me to write descriptions for your products for your website as well, we can discuss a combined package with my aromatherapy professional writing services. Don’t struggle alone!

Check these tasks off your list today, and allow me to:

  • Check botanical names and INCI names for product listings
  • Check your product descriptions
  • Proof your product labels (including botanical names, INCI names, FDA language requirements)

To learn more about Sharon Falsetto Chapman visit the Meet Our Founder page.

Note that this service is writing and editing support, not design for labels or website layout. I will provide the text for you to implement into your labels and/or website listings. I can also provide descriptions for the product names, but this is an additional service at a higher fee. Contact me for details.

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