what qualifications and experience does your aromatherapy teacher have? istockphoto, used with permission
what qualifications and experience does your aromatherapy teacher have? istockphoto, used with permission

Last week, I wrote a short post on the Different Types of Aromatherapy Course: Accredited Courses and E-Books. This was a brief look at the different types of aromatherapy courses available and a few pointers on how to choose an aromatherapy course. In addition to looking at the different types of course available, you should also be looking at the training and experience of the person teaching an aromatherapy course.


Experience of the Aromatherapy Teacher

Aromatherapy teachers have all sorts of different backgrounds. Some are teachers who have trained in aromatherapy; others are aromatherapy practitioners who have expanded their business to pass on their aromatherapy knowledge and experience to others. Many aromatherapy teachers have experience/qualifications in other natural health therapies or in the health industry


An aromatherapy teacher with 5 or more years of aromatherapy practice behind them will have a good grounding to pass on their experiences and knowledge to you. If your teacher has just undertaken aromatherapy training, they will have the knowledge of aromatherapy but not the benefit of experience and practice to pass onto you.


Qualifications of the Aromatherapy Teacher

As there is no requirement for an aromatherapy teacher to be professionally qualified in aromatherapy, you will find that aromatherapy teachers have all sorts of training. Some have formal training with an aromatherapy school whereas others have taught themselves over a number of years. Ideally, your aromatherapy teacher should have studied aromatherapy with a nationally accredited school and/or a recognized leader in the industry. In addition, an aromatherapy teacher will have spent several years in professional aromatherapy practice. If they have neither of these experiences/form of training, you need to ask what their background is in aromatherapy and what they can teach you. Make your decision based on the information that you learn


If you are unsure of the experience/training of an aromatherapy teacher that you are considering training with, don’t be afraid to ask questions. A teacher with good training and experience will openly share the information with you.


In addition, check the list of accredited aromatherapy schools with an organization such as NAHA; even if you are just looking for a starter course, you will probably find that accredited aromatherapy schools offer a wide range of short courses too.

More Information on Aromatherapy Courses

This post is just a brief guideline on what you should ideally look for when choosing an aromatherapy course; there are no right or wrong answers. There are many experienced and qualified teachers out there – but there are also those who might not have the experience and qualifications that they claim to have. It is simply my intention in this post to make you aware of your options, and how to choose between them, if you feel overwhelmed in choosing an aromatherapy course

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I always try to advise people of the best course that I think is appropriate for them – even if that means directing them to an alternative course provider.


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