The United Aromatherapy Effort helps with aromatherapy supplies for the US Army, wikipedia commons, photo in public domain
The United Aromatherapy Effort helps with aromatherapy supplies for the US Army, wikipedia commons, photo in public domain

This week, I am focusing on the work of a charitable non-profit aromatherapy organization that was borne out of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001; with the ten year anniversary of 9/11 having just past, this very worthwhile organization needs your help in order to keep going and carrying out the good work that it has achieved so far.  All the work is carried out by volunteers in the aromatherapy world and relies on donations (both supplies and financial) to carry out its mission.

The United Aromatherapy Effort: The Response to 9/11/01

The United Aromatherapy Effort (UAE) was founded after the 9/11 attacks on American soil in 2001.  Many emergency workers suffered from stress disorders, as events unfolded after the aftermath of the attacks.  The mission of the United Aromatherapy Effort is “to provide stress relief and aromatherapy to relief workers, and troops during emergency work and after.”  Initially, work focused on the firehouses of the FDNY who received aromatherapy supplies and treatments in response to the respiratory health problems that many firefighters suffered at Ground Zero while searching for survivors.

Today, the focus of the organization has moved to the Military, helping those who are continuing to fight overseas and those at home too; however, in the past, the United Aromatherapy Effort has also responded to hurricane disasters (such as Hurricane Katrina) and wildfires (such as those in California).

How You Can Help the United Aromatherapy Effort

The United Aromatherapy Effort needs your donations to keep carrying out its good work!  You can help by:

  • making a small financial donation
  • if you are in the aromatherapy business, you can donate some aromatherapy supplies for supplying the troops currently on the ground overseas; these include aromatherapy oils and blends, aromatherapy diffusers, aromatherapy inhalers, aromatherapy spray bottles and aromatherapy roll-on bottles.

Other help that the United Aromatherapy Effort is requesting in order to help keep the organization going includes (all work is voluntary and non-paid):

  • assist with creating and organizing an inventory list and supply needs at the new storage location in the area of Clayton, North Carolina
  • advise others how to blend essential oils safely (at the new storage location)
  • sort and pack items to be shipped to areas in need (also at the new storage location)
  • assistance with a new UAE logo
  • new website, web manager
  • e-newsletter  and e-news writer/s
  • blog and blog writer/s
  • public relations and communication support
  • office record filing.

For more information, visit the United Aromatherapy Effort website and if you can assist with any of the above tasks, contact Sylla Sheppard Hanger via

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