Guest posts for Aromatherapy Notes, istockphoto, used with permission
Guest posts for Aromatherapy Notes, istockphoto, used with permission

As you are no doubt aware, I will be taking an aromatherapy trip to France this summer!  Although I usually write my posts for Aromatherapy Notes two weeks in advance, I will be out-of-action, with regard to my writing and aromatherapy business, for about 4 weeks over the summer.  So I decided as I was having a break, I would also give my readers a break from my usual posts.  However, this does not mean that there will be no postings at all on Aromatherapy Notes in my absence!

I am in the process of lining up several guest writers and bloggers on a variety of aromatherapy-related subjects which I hope will offer you a different voice, and a different insight, into a couple of interesting subjects!  I have already spoken to a couple writers and bloggers (who I consider to be very good in their appropriate area) and would like to thank them in advance for agreeing to help me out over the summer.  Of course, in return for their help, I will be guest blogging/writing on various other blogs on my return from France – and will be able to introduce you to some other quality blogs if you haven’t already discovered them!

I am not posting who will be guest posting on Aromatherapy Notes in advance, just in case of a change in scheduling – but also so that you will have something to look forward to!  However, during the months of July and August 2012, you can be sure of a variety of aromatherapy posts from a number of different writers!  Happy reading! 🙂

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