Adding Essential Oils to Pre-Made Bases: Photo Credit, ISP
Adding Essential Oils to Pre-Made Bases: Photo Credit, ISP

Starting out in the world of aromatherapy product making can be daunting; there are so many different base recipes and essential oils! But it doesn’t have to be complicated. There are various reasons why you might prefer to use a pre-made base for your aromatherapy products. This post looks at the reasons why you might choose a pre-made base over making your own – and how to choose and use such a base.

Pre-Made Cosmetic Bases vs. Making-Your-Own Product Bases

Unless you have a talent or desire to make your own aromatherapy bases, there is no hard and fast rule for doing so. As long as you choose a quality base from a trusted supplier (see below), you can still make an authentic aromatherapy product with essential oils. Here’s a few reasons why you might choose a pre-made cosmetic base:

  • you are a holistic health practitioner or therapist who would like to use essential oils in your practice – but don’t have the time or desire to make your own product bases

  • you want to focus on your understanding and safe of essential oils, rather than learning the “right” balance and mix of ingredients for a base product

  • you are a massage therapist who will predominately be using essential oils with a carrier oil base

  • you don’t have artistic abilities or desires to create a custom base

  • you don’t have an interest in starting your own bath and body product business.

Composing a base recipe for each product base can be complex – using a pre-made base takes the stress out of this step and allows you to focus on creating the right essential oil blend for yourself or your client.

Types of Pre-Made Cosmetic Bases for Aromatherapy Products

Some of the pre-made cosmetic bases that you can use with essential oils include:

Some suppliers may even offer various bases of a basic recipe; for example, moisturizing lotion base, baby lotion. All you have to do is blend in the appropriate essential oil mix – using either your own essential oil knowledge, or the supplier’s recommendation (although this can vary).

Be aware that different bases may require a different dilution rate – as do contra-indicated groups such as pregnant moms, babies and children, those taking medication, and those with various health conditions.

How to Choose and Use a Pre-Made Cosmetic Base for Aromatherapy Products

Choosing a quality supplier for your pre-made base is key to a good aromatherapy product. Bases vary between suppliers, so it is wise to shop around and do your homework. If you have some basic knowledge of what the base should contain, it will help you to decide if the supplier is offering you a good product. A couple of my recommendations for pre-made base suppliers include:

Once you’ve chosen your pre-made base, take a quality aromatherapy course for information on how to safely and effectively add essential oils to the base. This is a quick guideline to some base dilutions (but be aware this is on the low side of recommendations and does not account for contra-indications):

  • Lotion for Body (1 oz): Add up to 10 drops

  • Carrier Oil Base for Body (1 oz): Add up to 10 drops

  • Bath Salts Base (1 oz): Add up to 10 drops

  • Water-based Spray (1 oz): Add up to 10 – 15 drops.

An extended version of this simple Essential Oil Blending Chart can be found in my book Authentic Aromatherapy.

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