Aromatic Note Cards by Sharon Falsetto: All Rights Reserved
Aromatic Note Cards by Sharon Falsetto: All Rights Reserved

Over the past year, I have been sharing photos of my aromatic garden on Instagram. Finally, with a little bit of nudging from family and friends, I went ahead with professionally printing a selection of photos onto note cards. These note cards of my aromatic garden are now available for purchase from both my Etsy store and from my own website!

About the Aromatic Note Cards

This first collection of aromatic note cards, entitled Visionary ScentsTM from the Garden, showcase twelve aromatic and medicinal plants commonly found in an aromatic or herbal garden. Two of the designs are actually taken on trips outside of my garden, but still depict the common theme.

Aromatic plants and flowers included in this particular photographic collection include:

  • lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)
  • coneflower (Echinancea spp.)
  • sunflower (Helianthius annuus)
  • viola
  • cornflower (Centaura cyanus)
  • bee on flowering mint
  • geranium (Pelargonium graveolens)
  • German chamomile (Matricaria recutica)
  • rose (Rosa rugosa)
  • flower in a winter garden.

Each aromatic note card has a small description on the back of the card which includes:

  • Botanical name (if appropriate)
  • Botanical family (if appropriate)
  • A fact about the plant.

Cards are 5.5” x 4” and printed on premium, glossy white card. Both the back of the card, and the inside of the card, have a blue border, but the inside of the card is left blank for your own message.

Ideas for Using Aromatic Note Cards

Sending a note card may have gone “out of fashion” with the internet age, but receiving such a card is a thoughful and beautiful gift to receive! Use note cards to:

  • send a love note
  • send a thank you note
  • send a birthday greeting
  • send a get well message
  • send a “just because” or “thinking of you” message
  • send a seasonal wish.

For an added touch, scent your card with a fragrant spray, include a pressed flower from your garden, or send along a herbal sachet with your greeting!

Each card is my exclusive design and you will not find these cards mass-printed or mass-marketed anywhere else!

Treat yourself or a loved one today – and put a little piece of aromatic love in the mail!

To purchase, visit the Sedona Aromatherapie website or, if you live outside of the United States, visit my Etsy store.

And thank you! From my aromatic garden to you!

About Sharon Falsetto:

Sharon Falsetto is a UK-certified clinical aromatherapist and she is the founder of the Sedona Aromatherapie home-study Linguistics of AromaticsTM Program. Sharon is the chief editor of the NAHA Aromatherapy Journal, NAHA Regional Director (AZ) and author of Authentic Aromatherapy. She tends her own aromatherapy garden in Sedona, Arizona which is situated on a one acre homestead. She is in the process of opening her own distillation room in 2017.

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