Reviews from Students and Clients: Read what students and clients are saying about Sedona Aromatics! Over the years, we have received many thank you cards and gifts from students and clients alike, and we are grateful for the kind words they have shared with us. Here is a selection of some of our reviews from  students and clients.


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Lisa P. Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy

“I am learning so much! I am really reading about this most recent assignment and exploring why certain oils are contraindicated for various conditions. The chemistry fascinates me. I am loving my learning and appreciate the way the course is designed to expand this process.”

Dawn B Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy

“I'm really glad I found your program instead of trying to learn about aromatherapy and sort all of this out for myself. Thanks again for all you do!”

Jan K. Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy

“Sharon, you have done a fabulous job putting this course together. Each module is proving to be building off the previous modules, as well as creating an eagerness to move onto the next assignment heading towards the next module.”

Joanne K. Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy

“Thanks for EVERYTHING, Sharon. You are an amazing instructor and mentor, and I feel I got the best possible experience in achieving this milestone.”

Jim B. Certificate in Foundation Aromatherapy (now the Certificate in Holistic Aromatherapy)

"I found this course to be informative, packed full of information and wanting to do a little more than just answer questions....completeness, honesty and excellent instructor availability."

Ginny Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy

"I chose your program over another school because you offered one complete course at a fraction of the price of what the other school wanted!"

Becca S. Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy

"This course is a must for the individual seeking to practice aromatherapy professionally...(it) is very thorough and provides the necessary aromatherapy information for people who want to learn about essential oils and the various ways to use essential oils...EXCEPTIONAL support and service! Sedona Aromatics believes in their students...and offer support and advice once you have completed the course."

Raquel L. Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy

"I would highly recommend The Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy from Sedona Aromatics. This course covers everything you could want to know about aromatherapy from learning the history of essential oils to making your own professional products. Sharon is a patient teacher who is wonderfully supportive and generous in sharing her expertise as you work at your own pace through the program. An added bonus is the Facebook group that goes along with the program so you always feel supported by fellow students and Sharon."

Mary W. Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy

"Thank you for all your help. I can't believe how much I have learned these past few months working on my case studies."

Janet K. Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy

"While the coursework reading material was challenging to absorb at times and the assignments weren't always easy - the manner in which you presented the material, the pace/rhythm that you set for learning and completing assignments, the meticulous care that you took to review and grade each assignment, and the continual encouragement that you offered throughout the course - have stayed with me and have made a huge impression on me. I am ever so grateful that I chose your course above the others. Thank you for all you do Sharon!"

Janet K. Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy

"I am so thankful for all the work that you put into your course. Your work - your course - has prepared me well in becoming the best aromatherapist I can be."

Hala A. Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy

“I started studying in Sedona Aromatics with ZERO knowledge in essential oils! I'm so glad that I chose this school as Sharon has been a wonderful instructor, never hesitating to answer my endless questions. She gave me enormous support to go on with my study and complete it. Now I have very good knowledge about essential oils and will never stop learning more. I highly recommend Sharon's school for anyone interested in having proper and professional aromatherapy education. Thanks, Sharon for all the wonderful support!"

Sheila S. Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy

“I am learning more through your program than other (leading) schools which I have studied with previously and I didn't think I would as I am not a very good reader. I tend to learn better with visuals such as videos. Yet here I am learning a lot!” 

Botanical Aromatherapy™ Membership School

Niki K. Canada

"I have been feeling sad today, what with the world situations, grey weather etc. I signed onto my Sedona Aromatics membership and went to the 'Flower Photo Library' and slowly scrolled, breathing in the glorious photos. After about 12 minutes, I feel so much better. Thank you Sharon for your awesome gifts of knowledge, beauty and caring!"

Magdalena S. Spain

"I would like to thank you for all the valuable information you share in the membership. I have really enjoyed the e-classes so far, and am looking forward to the next one. I did prepare some of the many recipes you share - with great results! My favourite: "Wood Perfume Spritzer,'" it's really beautiful.  I've also learned a lot: the charts and guidelines are really great resources! And on top of that, when needed, Sharon was always there answering all my questions and assisting in everything. Thank you for creating this beautiful aromatic space.”

Cyrene B. Canada

"LOVE what you do on your website.  And for Aromatherapy." Heartfulness Meditation

Formulating and Consulting

Kem Custom Blend

“Got my order today...I appreciate all your help. Have your site in my favorites!"

Angel Custom Blend

"Thank you so, so much! I received my beautifully healing aroma hug today! You packed it so well too!.... The whole room filled with the scent and healing energy, before I even opened it!...My many thanks again."

Suzanne P. Christmas Gift Set of 3 custom blends

“I wanted to write and let you know how much I'm enjoying your Peace essential oil mixture. I bought the gift set, meaning to give all three away, but I fell in love and had to keep one for myself. You're very talented at what you do!”

Danielle Wedding Formulation

"Thank you for all your help with our lovely massage oils. They were a hit! I really appreciate how easy you were to work with, especially across the United States! You were very considerate and understanding. Thanks for everything and for making our wedding memorable."

Becky M., Florabella Apothecary Consultation and Formulation

"I’m in the process of starting my own online business. Sharon reviewed and tested some of my products; her knowledge in the field of aromatherapy is top-notch! I now feel more confident than ever with my blends! Thank you Sharon for all of your suggestions and wisdom in this magical field of aromatherapy."

Professional Writing and Editing

Marianna Dworak, Assistant Editor, Skyhorse Publishing (New York) Professional Writing and Editing

"It was a pleasure working with Sharon on her book, Authentic Aromatherapy, which I edited. She always met deadlines, was very personable and professional, and wrote an in-depth and detailed guide concerning all aspects of aromatherapy. Her expertise and knowledge shines through on every page."

Ann Harman, Author of Harvest to Hydrosol (US: 2015) (Co-editor: Sharon Falsetto) Professional Writing and Editing

"Sharon was a joy to work with. She took a jumble of words and helped me weave them into a book that we can both be proud of. Her suggestions were very helpful. She was able to help me organize outline. She handled the work professionally and always kept me up to date on how long and how much it would cost. I highly recommend Sharon for your editing and writing needs."

Doris W. Professional Writing and Editing

"I wanted to write to let you know how much I appreciated having you do the ghost writing on my ebook. You did such a professional job of taking my scant ideas and developing it to a full blown “how to book of aromatherapy oils for stress relief.” Thank you so much for an excellent job."

Bob and Linda Lotich Professional Writing and Editing

"We've had the privilege of working with Sharon as a writer for NaturalHealthEzine and we can tell you firsthand what a great writer she is. She is very knowledgeable on the topic of aromatherapy and has a passion for teaching and learning. She also writes with a personal touch that engages readers. Her timelines and ability to relate information gives her a level of professionalism that is hard to find."

Kimberley M., My Real Earth LLC Professional Writing and Editing

"I wanted to let you know the signs I made for the Farmers Market were a hit and I had such an easy time explaining my concept because of you. I had several people stop and read my signs, and a retailer loved the concept and wants to talk about including my products in her store. I had NEVER had people actually read my signs and fall in love with my concept.  I just wanted to let you know and say thank you for giving Planet to Pouch a voice!"